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Portfolio Category: Clutch

Rod and bellcrank linkage

The rod and bellcrank linkage has a series of rods and pivots that connect directly to the clutch. This is probably the most reliable linkage, usually outlasting the car. Unfortunately it's also the least flexible and isn't found on many cars because of that. Mostly found on trucks, vans, and older vehicles.  
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The pressure plate is is a spring loaded device which presses the clutch disk against the flywheel. It should be replaced with each clutch job because its springs can weaken and its surface can warp or become unevenly worn, causing slipping, chattering, or locking up of the clutch. Reusing the same pressure plate can make…
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(Some Cars) The pilot bearing or bushing supports the outer end of the transmission input shaft. It is located in the center of the flywheel or end of crankshaft.
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Several types of linkage are used to connect the clutch pedal to the throwout bearing and pressure plate. These include:
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Hydraulic clutch

A hydraulic clutch linkage is even more flexible than a cable. A hydraulic clutch has a clutch master cylinder behind the clutch pedal and a clutch slave cylinder at the transmission. Both cylinders, master and slave, can fail and cause a clutch pedal that won't release the clutch. (low pedal, grinds going into gear)
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The flywheel is the other surface the clutch disc rubs on. It often must be resurfaced (turned) when the clutch is replaced.
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The clutch disk is covered with a special lining (used to be asbestos: now it's a fiberglass composite). The lining material is similar to the material used on your brake pads. When you release the clutch and let it "slip", you are wearing the clutch lining material. When the lining material is all worn away,…
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Clutch cable

Many cars have a clutch cable linkage. A cable can be run around corners and allow flexibility of car design. A clutch cable can wear out, bind and get stiff, or break.
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