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Thank you for the card. Yes we had a good trip home though we did push it a bit harder than we originally planned. As the saying goes, "There's no place like home".

I want to thank the staff at Tranco for their fine work. The transmission worked nicely and shifted more smoothly then I recall it doing since the motor home was new. I don't believe that this feeling was due to a placebo effect either. If it continues to operate as it did for the first thousand plus miles, it will be great.

I want to especially thank Dominic for his helpfulness, his pleasant demeanor, his businesslike conduct and his efficiency in taking care of me as a customer. The hue and cry of all successful business operations is to provide outstanding customer service in order to achieve high customer satisfaction. From my experience at Tranco, I concluded that Dominic exemplifies an individual focues on performing up to that standard.

Finally, I must comment on my reaction as a customer to the cleanliness and attractiveness of the office complex and the service bays. This created a real impact on my impression of the whole operation. That impressive look can only be attributed to the person in charge and he is to be commended for achieving a level of cleanliness and tidiness that many would say was impossible in a transmission repair business. The overall high standards at Tranco are due to his vision and leadership.

Thanks again for your help,

Thank you for your kindness and help when I had car troubles recently. Your attitude gave me confidence that you had fixed it "right". This was my very first car trouble, and I was scared. The 700 mile trip back to the Ozarks in eastern Oklahoma was trouble free - but hot - 106'


I would like to take a moment to tell you how very pleased both my wife and I am with the transmission work you did on her 1989 Cougar.

As you are well aware, something went amiss with the first replacement you did, and 4th gear burned out within approximately 90 days after installation.

No warranty is worth any more than the person behind the paper on which it is written: yours is as good as gold!

Not only did you replace whatever was not working properly, but it was done in a timely manner with no "hassle". In addition, the transmission probably works more smoothly than it ever has. It is just great. We both say thank you to you and your employees.



My wife and I want to Thank You for repairing our speedometer and for replacing the worn-out knob on our stock shift....without charge!!. We also appreciate your company for taking our truck without a prior reservation.

Sincerely yours,
Robert and Maria

I am writing to you to both thank you and express my deep appreciation for the way the people at Tranco both serviced my car and took care of me as a customer.

Tranco replaced the clutch which works beautifully now. The differential was also serviced, and shortly after that when there were some problems with it Tranco, under its warranty, immediately took care of the problem and all related costs.

The car runs great!
Tranco holds to standards and ethics that one does not see very often. It will be my pleasure to return to Tranco for transmission needs and to refer others to the company.

Very Sincerely,

Too often in this crazy world we often forget to say thanks. So I'd like to take a moment to do just that. Thank you.

Working on our Mazda must have driven you to distraction just as we (Linda and me) also felt.

But, through your persistance, knowledge, patience, and experience we are now driving a smooth-shifting vehicle. Our hope is that it stays that way. Our thank-you is because you not only got the job done, but also because of your civility and honesty during a troubled time.

I also hope that when we meet again it's not because of car trouble.


The staff at Tranco does a super job. We are not car people and have two early 90s Mitsubishi Diamantes, a sedan and wagon. Both vehicles have given us very good service over the years. The sedan required service for a shifting issue approximately five years ago and Tranco expertly resolved the issues and the car is still running wonderfully. 2 1/2 weeks ago the wagon began having transmission issues. The overdrive clutch would not engage. Additionally the first three gears displayed uneven shifting and sometimes clunking and dropping into gear harshly. Though parts are very difficult to come by for this model car and locating a rebuilt transmission is near impossible, Ray and his staff did a superb job in rebuilding the overdrive clutch and also rebuilding the valve body which was causing the additional attendant problems in the first three years. The car now drives exceptionally well, and we are happy to be able to keep it for a few more years. Hats off to Ray and the staff at Tranco Transmissions for their professionalism and excellent customer service for making this happen for us. It is very much appreciated!!! We highly recommend them.
Lloyd Conner

This is an honest business. We took our car to the Eubank location because of transmission problems. They could have done the work and charged us a lot, but instead Rob looked up the car model and saw a recall on the transmission and sent us to a dealer. We greatly appreciate his effort and honesty. Thank you.
Ted Leveque

You won't be disappointed with this shop!! They have worked on 3 different transmissions for me over the years to include my Allison transmission most recently and I have never had an issue after I left. Great customer service, honest and very friendly. Kept me well informed and even took extra steps to ease my paranoia about my transmission before I left. Fully recommend these guys for all your needs.
Matthew Gideon

We had to have our transmission replaced as we were crossing the country. We were very fortunate that it happened in Albuquerque. Ray, Rob and the technicians took care of us in a fair, professional and caring manner. They exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend their services.
Susan Sauer

Honest, knowledgeable and really look out for their customers. Their repair warranty is awesome too. I trust these guys 100%.
Aaron Geiskopf

Great Service and Helpful guidance.
Bryan Crawford

Was refereed here by my mechanic, finally found a transmission shop that I can trust. Needed a rear pinion seal, in and out. This is the place for all your drivetrain needs.
Winton L. Smith, Jr.

Rich Ford told me I had to replace my transmission - $4000. Tranco charged me $140.00 and now everything runs great. Nice to find honesty in the auto repair business.