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Preventive Maintenance

thw20At Tranco Transmission we find most transmission issues are due to automatic transmission fluid rarely being changed for preventive maintenance. Yet our customers have often been told incorrectly, “Like the dealership told me the transmission fluid is a lifetime fluid”. When you considering the cost associated with a transmission fluid service compared to transmission overhaul the expenses aren’t even close. We are not claiming to be chemical engineers but it only makes sense that time, heat, excessive use, aggressive use, and hauling heavy loads increases the breakdown of any transmission fluid. That is why Tranco Transmission is the place to take your vehicle. Honesty, 40+ years of transmission knowledge, and great customer services is why we are in the transmission business. Amazingly most vehicle owner's manuals do not specify a change interval for automatic transmission fluid-unless the vehicle is used for towing. Here at Tranco Transmission we encourage our customers to change the fluid and filter (which is located inside the transmission) every 25,000 to 35,000 miles.

How to significantly prolong the life of the transmission:

  • As we stated maintain a transmission fluid change every 25,000 - 35,000 miles
  • Make sure the transmission fluids are correct
  • If you are an aggressive driver or do a lot of towing with your vehicle change your transmission fluid between 25,000 - 35,000 miles religiously.
  • Check for leaks
  • If the engine temperature is higher than what you're accustomed to seeing the excessive heat can have an adverse effect on the transmission as well.

What if you don’t know if your vehicle's transmission has been serviced or you have high milage and haven’t serviced your vehicle?

Its best to leave the fluid alone

Why you say?

  • Well by changing the fluid it loosens accumulated varnish deposits which cause sticking of control valves in the valve body If you are a new car owner without knowledge of the vehicle maintenance records or have never serviced your high mileage vehicle at the very least, the transmission fluid level should be checked periodically
  • This can be done on most vehicles and should be done after the vehicle has been driven and the fluid is hot
  • Check the dipstick while the engine idling and the transmission is in park to verify fluid level
  • If the level is low, fluid should be added to gradually bring the level up to the full mark-but be sure not to overfilled (which can cause the fluid to aerate and foam).
  • If your transmission is leaking fluid from the pan gasket or rear seal, these parts are not difficult or expensive to replace

Tranco Transmission highly recommends before you do any of this make sure you get the correct type of fluid for your transmission. Refer to the owner's manual or markings on the dipstick if in doubt. We hope you feel we are also a great resource so call us any time with your transmission questions.

Transmission Fluid Referance:General Motors applications usually require Dexron II, Dexron IIe or Dexron III, or a fluid that meets these specs. Dexron IIe is required in newer electronic transmissions, and Dexron III is a long-life fluid that can also be used in older applications that require Dexron II or IIe.

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