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Pikes Peak Race Won By 1368BHP Electric Car

The Pikes Peak road race is one of the most tretcherous races today. This is where crazy people race up a mountain and hope that they get to the top the quickest without falling off the steep sides of the road.

This year had many different cars racing as usual. But the amazing part is that this years race was won by an electric car.

Thats right a battery operated car. Welcome to the future.

Rhys Millen's 1,368bhp electric car conquers Pikes Peak

Last weekend saw the 93rd running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, in which foolhardy chaps tackle a 12.4-mile, winding track to the top of a mountain, hopefully without plummeting off the side.
This year’s fastest run was clocked by Rhys Millen in his eO PP03, the drifter’s 1368bhp, all-electric prototype clocking a time of 9m07s at an average speed of 79mph.

Average speed of almost 80 MPH is just amazing with batteries. How can an electric car beat all that muscle?  That is a good questions.

The Latvian-built PP03 uses a 50kWh lithium-ion battery (around double the capacity of that found in, say, the Nissan Leaf) feeding no fewer than SIX electric motors – three on each axle – with a combined 1368bhp (which, as all potential Bond villains will know, is one frickin’ megawatt) and no less than 1,593lb ft of torque. 

This is some amazing power. 3 electric motors on each axle, wow.  How about almost 1600 LB Ft of torque.

But this time did not beat the record of 8 minutes back in 2013. 

How long is it going to take for that record to be broken? That is a great question. I don't think to much longer. As more and more power is coming from electric power.

Horse power is increasing each year. It is not going to be long before the PP record is broken. 

We will let you know when that happens.



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