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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Automatic Transmission

Transmission problems can be costly. Automatic transmissions require more repairs than manual transmissions, on average, and these repairs tend to cost more. If your transmission needs to be replaced, you can easily be looking at a bill of more than $2,000. The good news is there are plenty of steps you can take to extend…
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How Your Car Transmission Works

Your car's transmission is responsible for converting torque and speed along the drivetrain to maximize your engine's efficiency. A transmission helps balance torque or performance with the lowest possible fuel consumption.
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Ray Peterek Teaching Transmission Training Class

In this video Ray the owner of Tranco is teaching a high school class about the ins and outs of transmission repair. The kids were really into this and found it facinating. They appreciated the information that Ray presented to them
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5 Car Books Every Weekend Mechanic Must Read This Year

Are you a weekend mechanic? Or do you love to work on cars on the weekends? Is your free time spent on learning about the latest repair jobs or taking apart an old engine just to rebuild it again? If this sounds like you then I have something extra special in store for you. Today…
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